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At GIS Midwest, we believe that our relationship with our clients needs to be beneficial for both parties.  For this reason, we offer our clients a contract for monthly GIS mapping services that can be cancelled or terminated by either party at any time.  We do not believe in making our clients commit to signing a multi-year, multi-hundred thousand-dollar contract in order to implement a GIS mapping system.  Our policy is to have a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients so that we are able to provide our client with GIS mapping services, but only to the degree that they want and need.  Our clients remain in the “driver's seat” of this partnership. 

GIS Midwest has observed that GIS mapping sells itself.  Once your county experiences the convenience of having so much information at your fingertips, you will view GIS mapping the same way we do - as a functional and wise investment.

Survey Grade Accuracy
GIS Midwest's work with GIS has invariably led to questions about section corner locations and accuracy.  GIS Midwest employs three full time Licensed Professional Land Surveyors.  This has been a large asset for our company because when building our GIS maps, we are able to physically and personally verify the locations of the section corners that are reflected in our GIS maps. 

GIS Midwest has always believed that Licensed Professional Surveyors should be at the heart of GIS mapping.  Because GIS Midwest is a local business, we have the capability of going out into the field to personally verify the exact placement of section corners to be tied into your GIS map.  It takes many years to master the proper placement of section corners, and GIS Midwest's Licensed Professional Surveyors are skilled professionals that have been trained to deal with every situation or problem involving section corner placement and remonumentation.  To attempt GIS mapping without a Licensed Professional Surveyor involved is very unwise.  Too many GIS maps have already been constructed without any input from the local land surveying professionals.  GIS Midwest is committed to involving local land surveyors in the process of constructing your county's new GIS map. 

Our Company
GIS Midwest was established in 2007 and was founded with the intention of increasing efficiency for counties and businesses by providing them with fast, accurate and quality Internet based mapping services.  GIS Midwest makes it a priority to remain on the leading edge of technology and is always looking for ways to improve.  Our mapping professionals have provided a wide variety of GIS Mapping Services, including but not limited to: GIS Mapping entire counties, Utility Mapping, Parcel Mapping, Recreational Trail Mapping, Sanitary and Storm Sewer Mapping, and Agricultural Mapping.

GIS Midwest is a well-rounded and professional company that is eager to meet your GIS mapping needs.  When you choose GIS Midwest, it is a choice that is forward-looking (we will incorporate your county’s existing data as well as work with your county staff in order to plan for the future).  GIS Midwest is also flexible – we will adjust our scope and cost to meet your needs.  GIS Midwest is relational – we strive to maintain a working and personable relationship with our clients.

GIS Midwest is a subsidiary of Bonnema Surveys Inc, which has been serving West Central Minnesota since 1981.  In 2003, GIS Midwest implemented the Kandiyohi County Geographic Information System (GIS), which is an Internet-based mapping system that is built upon Kandiyohi County's 2,750 section corner locations and other county information.  The Kandiyohi County GIS contains Kandiyohi County's 28,000± land parcels, along with section corners, zoning maps, road names, address ranges, lakes, railroads, section lines, aerial photographs, ditch maps, voter districts and school districts.  The Kandiyohi County GIS can be viewed at: https://www.kcmn.us/departments/GIS/index.

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